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The Social Array at Mayanei Hayeshua Mental Health Wing was developed specifically for the wing’s unique needs.

For example, there are much more psychologists than social workers in the Social Array in relation to any other place.

The Social Work is divided into two parts: Therapeutic and Rehabilitation.

• Therapeutic treatment – The patient is treated by a social worker or a psychologist who treats the whole complex of problem. The treatment will include medication if necessity.

• Rehabilitation treatment – In the more severe cases, when Rehabilitation treatment is required, the social worker builds an individual rehab program for each patient separately, while all his data is taken into account. The treatment covers all areas of: living, housing, employment, society, etc.

Mayanei Hayeshua’s Social Array is working in collaboration with the Welfare Department. Every case the patient is suspected as suffering from neglect or abuse requires the welfare’s involvement and care, and therefore both bodies will handle the case together. In other cases, the Welfare Department is the one who refers patients to Mayanei Hayeshua.

The social worker handles with the patient’s family and community. Sometimes the problem is in fact due to lack of communication, hypertension or accusation from family members. In all cases, notifying the family about the problem and directing them how to cooperate along with the hospital’s work, increases the chances of full and quicker recovery.

In generally, it could be said that the social working’s goal is to empower the patient while increasing his self- confidence, healing or easing his mentally problem and rehabilitating his functioning.

Head of Social Working Array: SW Frumi Gotlib


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