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Pediatric Psychiatric Department

The Pediatric Psychiatric Department caters to children between the ages of 12 and 18.

Heading the department is Dr Leonid Kikinzon, a psychiatrist who has worked in several major Israeli hospitals, and the author of several scientific papers.

“This is the only facility in the world that provides psychiatric treatment in a completely gender-separated facility.” Says Dr. Kikinzon: “Until now, Ultra-Orthodox teenagers treated in hospitals designed for secular patients could not maintain their cultural sensitivities and values. Families were reluctant to send their children to secular hospitals. With the opening of our new pediatric psychiatric department, these teenagers can now be treated in an appropriate environment that respects their cultural background.”

Children entering the department receive an immediate psychiatric exam and assessment, and a unique treatment plan is created for each young patient. According to Professor Rael Strous, the chief psychiatrist and medical director of the Mental Health Wing, the healing process is expedited when patients know that the place where they are hospitalized will also address their cultural sensitivities.

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