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During the last year, Mayanei Hayeshua’s Mental Health Wing has experienced a rapid expansion in the number of outpatient clinics open to the public.

According to the head of the mental health outpatient clinics, Dr Michael Bunzel, this expansion has been facilitated by the opening of the new Mental Health Wing, and has been driven by the increasing demand for these services among the Bnei Brak community.
The therapeutic approach that guides each of the mental health outpatient clinics is based on encouraging the integration of patients back into community life. The way of doing it is by helping them regain mental calmness and helping them improve their functioning as quickly as possible.
The new mental health outpatient clinics, which bring the total number of the hospital’s outpatient clinics to over 40, include:

• Psychogeriatric Clinic that caters to the mental health needs of the elderly, under Dr Dov Drumer
• Autism Clinic under Dr Shirley Portugaz
• Anxiety Clinic under Dr Nill Laufer
• Adults Clinic
• Children’s Clinic
• Postpartum Depression Clinic
• Eating Disorders Clinic
• Pediatric clinic with a systemic-community perspective that adopts a holistic approach for its young patients.

Dr Bunzel: “Our outpatient clinics address the unique worldview, values and lifestyle of vulnerable patients from a predominantly religious community. These clinics are an integral part of Mayanei Hayeshua’s mission to increase awareness of mental illness issues, while reducing the stigmas and prejudices that have prevented many from this community from seeking treatment. Our goal is to treat each and every patient with the respect they deserve, to provide them with the right treatment, and to speedily return them to a familiar societal environment – their family and their community.”



Professor Rael Strous

Mental Health Division Director


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eating disorders

The goals of Eating Disorders Department

The staff treating at Mayanei Hayeshua already know the patients spiritually and religious world and set a goal to keep the special orthodox values and lifestyle while being alert to the sensitivity and fit to the lifestyle, worldview and the family system.

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