Eating Disorders Unit

Anorexia is a highly destructive life-threatening psychological eating disorder caused by a mix of psychological, social, biological and environmental factors.

Although Eating Disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses, only about 10% of anorexics actually receive treatment.
In response to the alarming increase in teenage anorexia in the community, the Pediatric and Young Adult Mental Health Wing urgently needs to add a dedicated Eating Disorders department. The focus of this department will be to return the young patients to normal nutrition patterns, to resolving underlying mental health issues, and to rehabilitating young patients quickly back into the family and into the community.
The professional staff at the Pediatric and Young Adult Mental Health Wing will receive specialized training in spotting the symptoms associated with teenage anorexia: irrational fear of obesity, fixation on thinness, distorted body image, low Body Mass Index (BMI), extreme and needless weight loss, abnormal eating patterns, chronic lack of appetite, obsessive counting of calories, self-starvation, arrested menstrual cycle, acute perfectionism
and substance abuse.

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The young patients in the Pediatric and Young Adult Mental Health Wing will benefit from a wide range of therapies:

• Occupational therapy
• Cooking therapy
• Music therapy
• Gardening therapy
• Psycho-drama therapy
• Pet therapy
• Group excursions
• Illness self-management therapy
• Self-awareness and self-image therapy

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In order to ensure that the young patients receive world-class treatment, the staff of the Pediatric and Young Adult Mental Health Wing will include:

• Psychiatrists
• Psychologists
• Social Workers
• Therapists
• Pediatricians
• Nurses
• Counselors
• Teachers
• Dieticians
• Occupational therapists
• Art teachers
There are also special family therapy clinics where therapy takes place in a real-life apartment within the unit, allowing reality-based situations to be played out more realistically. The idea is that the accomplishments of the young patients are more easily transferable to their actual home setting.

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Professor Rael Strous

Mental Health Division Director


to this department

eating disorders

The goals of Eating Disorders Department

The staff treating at Mayanei Hayeshua already know the patients spiritually and religious world and set a goal to keep the special orthodox values and lifestyle while being alert to the sensitivity and fit to the lifestyle, worldview and the family system.

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