Day Care Unit

Our Day Care Unit was established in order to provide an intensive daily treatment in the community without a need of full hospitalization, and disturbing the patient’s life as little as possible.

The Day Care Unit takes care of all the patient’s individual needs by addressing issues such as: medication balance, psychotherapeutic treatment, family and couple intervention, planning post-discharge continuous treatment, rehabilitation in the community, etc.

The unit is designed for patients that need an intensive daily treatment following poor functioning due to different stress conditions. Sometimes the unit serves also as an alternative to full hospitalization for patients that prefer not to stay overnight in the psychiatric department.

Since the population treated in the unit is often religious, it was built accordingly. There is a gender segregation and the environment suits the patient’s unique lifestyle. The men even have a suitable learning system, a special unique ‘Beit Midrash’ adjusted to their ability to learn and concentrate, where they hold and celebrate all their ‘Siyumim’ – completing of Talmudic Tractates.

The Day Care Unit’s Director is prominent Psychiatrist, Dr Moshe Levi, and the head nurse is Tamar Danino.
Other professionals include:

Psychologists – interns
Occupational therapists
Social workers
Sports and movement guides
Administrator responsible for rehabilitation
Auxiliary staff
Unit coordinator

The Unit’s therapies and activities:

• Treatments:
1. Individual therapy 2. Group therapy
Delivered by specialties of the fields of art, animal petting, gardening, cooking, music etc.

• Activities by teachers:
psychodrama, exercise, movement and dance, etc.
• A ‘Beit Midrash’ run by a Magid Shiur (a special teacher who gives the lessons)



Professor Rael Strous

Mental Health Division Director


to this department

Bet Midrash

Bet Midrash

While the study of the Talmud is not yet an officially recognized form of psychiatric therapy, it is already playing a highly effective role in the Day Care Unit of Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center’s Mental Health Wing.

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